SASAtrend is an independent, family-owned distribution company located in Aachen, Germany. Founded in 2004 by brothers Sassan and Sandjar Safay, SASAtrend currently provides distribution services for over 15 different international brands encompassing fashion, accessories and lifestyle brands.

    Our focus is to take a multi-pronged approach to launch and distribute international brands in the European Market through multiple channels including major European retailers, department stores, independent boutiques, concept stores, online shops and key buyers.

    Functioning as a link between consumers and suppliers, we are up to date on key markets and sources for emerging brands and trends. Our leading presence in the European and North American Market allows us to be a major player in both Continents.

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    Our central operations for the European Market, that includes purchasing, logistics, distribution and sales, are handled and managed from a 3,000 square meter computerized distribution center in Aachen, Germany.

    In addition to our head offices and distribution center, we have a fleet of showrooms and sales offices throughout major European cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Barcelona and Athens. This base along with our inside sales team and uniquely qualified brand managers allows us to engineer the sales and marketing activities of the group.